Our Business

Carbon Conscious Investments Limited's core business is the management of Carbon Farming Initiative Act registered and compliant projects that deliver Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). Assets include 18,000Ha of mallee reforestation on 30 farms in the WA wheatbelt and ACCU offtake contracts with blue chip counterparties until 2027, and a Carbon Credit pipeline through to 2039.

Agribusiness and Science

Our business expertise and skills include the senior management of: broadacre agricultural production; integrated agroforestry / carbon farming; physical goods and services supply chains; marketing commodities and dealing in financial instruments and secondary markets; agri-commerce and agri-production science; and governance.

Concept to Delivery and Medium to Large-Scale Capability

Our management and key advisors have a track record in thought leadership, partnership management, operating in dynamic and highly regulated environments, and taking concepts to being fully operational projects and companies. We believe success lies in the detail and our internal and external teams have delivered and managed medium to large scale agricultural enterprises.

Board and Management